Barbara Menard and her husband Jim Ogilvie represented the Menard Family Foundation at the 120th Commencement Ceremony at the Cox Arena on the campus of San Diego State University as one of the special guests of President Adela de la Torre to recognize Fr. Joe Carroll, 2019 Honorary Degree Recipient. They write: “For 37 years, Father Joe Carroll has served as de facto representative of a constituency that wields no political power—the poor and homeless men, women and children of San Diego.” He served as president and CEO of St. Vincent de Paul Village and oversaw the opening of shelters to house and feed hundreds of thousands of people in need. The village provides medical assistance, childcare, employment services and a comprehensive approach to caring for the homeless. “Father Carroll’s CREED—that all people are entitled to Compassion, Respect, Empowerment, Empathy and Dignity—became the foundation of St. Vincent de Paul Village and Father Joe’s Villages. He championed housing in which individuals are cohabitants rather than tenants, and people take pride in their living space.” As Fr. Joe always reminds us, we are “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.” It was an honor to be present to recognize Fr. Joe for his lifelong dedication to the under served communities of San Diego and to see him receive the honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters.