The O’Toole Breast Care Center combines advanced diagnostic technology, experienced clinicians and compassionate care. Women turn to them for their breast care needs because of the:

Sophisticated diagnostics – They offer the latest diagnostic technology, such as 3-D mammography (tomosysnthesis) and computer-aided detection software, to provide the most accurate diagnostics and ensure that any problems are found early.

Comprehensive care – If a problem is detected, they deliver the full range of follow-up services, including ultrasound and MRI-guided breast biopsies. As part of the integrated cancer services at Scripps, patients at the O’Toole Breast Care Center have access to genetic testing, the latest clinical trials, and the full range of cancer therapies.

Ongoing support – Part of the mission of the O’Toole Breast Care Center is to provide the best care in the most supportive environment. Beginning with the initial appointment for a mammogram, the patient is guided through all necessary care. One of the features of  patient care at the O’Toole Breast Care Center is the assignment of a nurse navigator who is available to answer questions, describe procedures, coordinate appointments, and provide personalized and individual support.

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