As a member of the Founder’s Circle of San Diego Zoo Global, Menard Family Foundation Trustee/Director Barbara Menard and he husband Jim Ogilvie attended the annual Founder’s Circle Dinner at the San Diego Zoo on Tuesday, May 21, 2019. The group were escorted to the lovely Treetops Café where they were treated to Cocktails and Animal Friends. This year the featured animal was a lively beaver who charmed everyone. After a delicious dinner the Founder’s Circle Members were treated to a presentation by Curtis Lehman, San Diego Zoo Safari Park Animal Care Manager of the elephants. He shared numerous stories about each Elephant in the exhibit, calling them by name and giving information about where the babies will be sent across the United States to maintain pure blood-lines. The San Diego Zoo Safari Park has experienced a “baby-boom” with many baby elephants born within the last few months.