Grant Criteria

From its inception the Menard Family Foundation has sought to continue to fund the organizations who received gifts from Bernard P. Menard and Mary K. Menard during their lifetimes. It also seeks to offer grants to programs that are known to Menard Family Foundation Board members.It is hoped that each grant will have a major and lasting impact upon the agency, parish, organization or institution that receives the grant.

The Board of Directors of Menard Family Foundation request that the grants:

• Have a positive impact on as many people as possible
• Support programs and organizations that help those who are most in need
• Support existing organizations and projects which have demonstrated performance and effectiveness Grants from the Menard Family Foundation will be made according to the requirements for a 501 (c) 3 non profit foundation.

The Menard Family Foundation will not provide grants for any of the following:

• Individuals
• Fund raising events, dinners, advertising or similar affairs
• Lobbying or other partisan political activities
• For-profit organizations and profit-making enterprises of non-profit groups
• Private operating foundations
• Fraternal, labor, service clubs, military, or similar organizations whose principle activity is for the benefit of their own membership • Programs that directly benefit members of the Board or Staff of the Menard Family Foundation or their families

PLEASE NOTE: At this time the Menard Family Foundation is not accepting requests for Grants. Grant recipients are selected by the Menard Family Foundation Board. Information about the application process for requesting a grant will be posted on the website at a future date.