mariposas_art_imageMariposa’s Art provides at-risk youth with after-school art and music programs that focus on developing leadership and social skills, addressing key health issues, and promoting academic and career success.

During the 2009-2010 school year, the Menard Family Foundation is helping to support Mariposa’s Art’s Guitar and Art Teach programs. Through these programs at-risk high school students engage in master teacher training coupled with lessons in art or guitar. Together with a professional facilitator, the organization’s high school teachers travel to local elementary schools every week to teach art and guitar to students attending schools that have no funding to support art education.

Mariposa’s Art believes it is critical to nurture creativity and help students develop confidence in themselves and their ideas. The organization’s after-school programs allow students to use their individual creativity to find solutions, take productive risks, and set challenging personal goals. As funding for the arts increasingly disappears from school budgets, the arts are rarely part of a typical school day. Students have limited opportunities to create fresh perspectives, actively solve problems, dream of big futures, and imagine a better world.

With the support of the Menard Family Foundation, Mariposa’s Art is creating opportunities for these types of experiences through its after-school programs.

Quick Facts About Mariposa’s Art:
-More than 1,750 at-risk youth will participate in Mariposa’s Art programs during the 2009-2010 school year.
-During its last 11 years of service, the organization has provided life-changing programs to more than 12,000 under served students.
-Mariposa’s Art programs operate in the Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties of California.

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