After a hiatus of two years, the National Association of Perinatal Social Workers held an in-person conference entitled “Securing the Good in the Second City” at the Marriott River North Hotel in downtown Chicago, Il. Menard Family Foundation has sponsored this annual conference to assist in furthering the education of perinatal social workers from across the United States and Canada. An excellent schedule of speakers was prepared by the conference committee offering updates on topics including: Survival and Outcomes of Infants Born at 22 and 23 Weeks Gestation.

• Perinatal Bereavement Support
• Suicide and Overdose — the Leading Cause of Death for New Mothers
• Perinatal Mood Disorders
• Fathers in the NICU
• Trauma Informed Care
• Patient Refusals for Recommended Treatment. There was also time to enjoy Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza and to explore the Chicago River on a drizzly and chilly evening on the Chicago Architecture Tour.