Special members of the zoo family were invited to join San Diego Zoo Global President and CEO Paul
Baribault for an exclusive virtual conversation on Wednesday, February 24, 2021. The new Director of
Development, David Gillig, was introduced. Dwight Scott, Executive Director of the Zoo provided
updates on the construction of the Komodo Dragon and Butterfly exhibits. Lisa Peterson, Executive
Director of the Safari Park shared information on the frozen zoo and the hope for preserving the
Northern White Rhino. CEO Baribault presented the big announcement that the Zoo’s name is being
changed to San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. Continuing the focus on Conservation to improve
outcomes for all wildlife the San Diego Zoo is creating allies in eight hubs around the world that will
continue to focus on global conservation of rare and endangered wildlife in diverse ecosystems
around the world including the widespread plains of the savannas; the lush and abundant forests of
Asia and Amazonia; the vast landscapes of the Southwest; and the vibrant waters of the planet’s