Members of the President’s Ambassadors, President’s Patrons, and President’s Partners were invited
for a virtual update and presentation on Thursday, April 22, 2021. After an opening welcome by CEO
Paul Baribault, there were updates by Zoo Director Dwight Scott on the near completion of the
Kenneth C. Griffin Komodo Kingdom and William E. Cole Family Hummingbird Habitat. The new
Sanford Children’s Zoo is scheduled to open in Fall 2021. CEO Baribault continued to share the
alliances and partnerships in the eight hubs around the world. He shared the new videos that have
been created to discuss the alliance and they have been viewed over 19 billion times. Dr. Megan
Owen of the Ocean Hub discussed the crisis that climate change has created for the polar bears in the
Artic and how San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is working to preserve these endangered animals. The
Zoo is committed to a full spectrum conservation strategy that includes the critical need to save sea