Barbara J. Menard was among those who gathered for a memorable evening on May 5, 2012 to celebrate the legacy of Ellen Browning Scripps and Mother Mary Michael
Cummings. The Scripps Legacy Celebration honored the rich history of Scripps Health and the contributions of countless individuals who have ensured that Scripps continues to fulfill the vision of its founders. “Good Company: The Story of Scripps Health and It’s People,” written by Sarita Eastman was unveiled to the crowd of about 800, which included Scripps leadership, physicians, staff and donors, as well as community and corporate leaders. Susan Taylor, executive director of external affairs, and Marty Levine, Scripps Health Board of Trustee member, regaled the audience with vignettes from the book to accompany a presentation in-the-round. A spectacular live musical performance by MASS — Music, Architecture, Sight & Sound — was also featured.