Members of the President’s Ambassadors, President’s Patrons and President’s Partners of San Diego Zoo Global including Barbara Menard and her husband Jim Ogilvie gathered on a chilly evening in the Zoo party area for a Dinner Buffet and Dessert. There were Zoo Ambassador animals ready to greet the
guests along with Zoo Development staff and Zoo CEO Doug Myers. Zoo Director Dwight Scott provided a brief update on events and activities at the San Diego Zoo. He introduced the speaker for the evening Susan Farabaugh, Associate Director Recovery Ecology. She refers to herself as “Commander of the Islands” and she shared information about two critically endangered birds the Aga or Mariana crow and ‘Alalā or Hawaiian crow. San Diego Zoo Global researchers have been stationed on the islands and through their conservation efforts have successfully reintroduced the birds back into their native areas
on the islands of Rota and Guam (Aga) and Hawaii (‘Alalā) in the Pacific.