In honor of San Diego Zoo’s Centennial, the Menard Family Foundation pledged a grant to San Diego Zoo in memory of Bernard P. and Mary K. Menard. One area that has been funded with monies from this pledge is Classroom #2 in the newly remodeled Dickinson Family Center for Lifelong Learning at the San Diego Zoo. On a sunny Sunday afternoon, Directors Catherine Scanlon and her husband Mark, and Barbara Menard and fiancé Jim Ogilvie attended an interactive presentation in the auditorium and then a self-guided tour of the classrooms including the outdoor vegetable garden and the animal ambassadors who help teach the students. Catherine and Barbara discussed the curriculum of the program held in the Menard Family Foundation Classroom #2 with the instructor. The students who range in age from 13-17 attend class once a week over two semesters and gradually become student ambassadors in various areas around the zoo.