Menard Family Foundation Trustees Catherine Scanlon and Barbara Menard were treated to a special
tour of San Diego Zoo Global meeting some of the ambassador animals housed at Wegeforth Bowl.
Hosted by Pam Fein of the Development Department, Catherine and Barbara learned of the future plans for the new program at the Wegeforth Bowl. They interacted with some of the keepers, watched a Servil, had an Andean Condor fly overhead, and spoke to the precocious Cockatoo Mickey. Director
Menard returned on Friday evening May 28 th to share in the opening of the William E. Cole Family
Hummingbird Habitat and Kenneth C. Griffin Komodo Kingdom. The old hummingbird enclosure has
been a family favorite for years, and the new exhibit will provide more space and opportunity to view
these amazing birds. The Komodo Kingdom is a new exhibit that provides luxury accommodations for
the male and female Komodo dragons.