The University of San Francisco recently honored Ms. Alice L. Waters with the 2009 California Prize for Service and the Common Good for significant service with the poor or marginalized and groundbreaking achievements in pursuit of the common good of all members of society. Ms. Waters is credited with helping found the “slow food” movement that has revolutionized how we think about sustainable and organic agriculture. As owner of the legendary Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley, her influence is felt across the country as she raises consciouness about how the food we choose affects our health and our planet. She established the Chez Panisse Foundation in 1966 to support educational programs that use food to nurture, educate and empower youth and thus help children better understand nutrition and sustaining the universe. MFF is pleased to support the University of San Francisco in its academic service programs that “integrate classroom learning with community action for social justice seamlessly, working both locally and globally in pursuit of a more humane and just world for all.”