A Virtual Dessert and Dialogue with patrons and friends of Lamb’s Players Theater was held on Sunday
evening May 2, 2021. Deborah Smyth welcomed invitees and shared current updates on the staff. She
has been handling inquiries and sending out reminders. They have been able to “stay afloat” with
recorded performances and sales of their merchandise including the Lamb’s Cookbook, bags and shirts.
They elected not to record a theater performance due to the expense and chose instead to air five
different concerts. Lamb’s is officially reopening on October 2, 2021 and the first play will be Emily
Dickinson with Cynthia Gerber. They have made the difficult decision not to stage Alice as it is an
expensive show to produce. They have a number of projects in the works that were discussed by Robert
Smyth. They consider 2021 a “Come Back Season” and they are excited to celebrate Lamb’s 50 th
Anniversary in December. This celebration will include 50 Years of Memories with interviews of 50
actors in a 50 Year Book. The facilities are being upgraded including a new air conditioning unit. There
are plans for an open house to view costumes through the 50 years and the creation of new mugs, hats
and t-shirts. It was clear that Lambs has been helped through the pandemic by guardian angels and they
are most grateful to be returning to live theater.